Boundless Training

 Become a Boundless Method Practitioner and use cutting edge tools to heal the core root cause of blockages, for yourself and others.  

This method can be used by itself, or added to your current practice to enhance your results.

Who Is This Training For?
Those who are committed to a path of healing, growth and empowerment

Are motivated by evolving consciousness, and on a mission to help heal and empower others

Are ready for cutting edge transformational tools to use with yourself and others

What You Will Learn

Module 1

The Foundation

  • History and principles of Boundless

  • Spiritual foundations

  • The three levels of consciousness

  • 4 Parts to a Boundless Session

  • Intro to the techniques

  • Find the root: Kinesiology testing

  • Testing for self and others

  • Boundaries and protecting yourself as a practitioner

Module 2

The Techniques

  • How to find and clear limiting emotions

  • How to find and clear limiting beliefs, vows and contracts

  • Clearing energy that isn’t yours

  • Finding blocks in the chakras

  • Parts, trauma healing, soul retrieval

  • Clearing limiting vows, and contracts

  • Imprinting positive beliefs

  • Releasing ancestral wounds and patterns

  • Forgiveness  Process

Module 3

Facilitating Sessions

  • Structure of a session, and navigation

  • Trusting your channel

  • Choosing techniques

  • Balancing intuition with Boundless Structure

  • Facilitating Live sessions 

  • Case studies with practice clients

What You Receive





2 Boundless Sessions  


Printable certification


Active Facebook support group


65 pg Manual, and Client documents


Group healings and peer practice sessions


32 Live Zoom Classes, with content, demos and Q&A


Optional add-ons:

Additional Boundless Sessions with Naia or graduates

Personal Boundless Method Mentorship Calls

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to attend calls live in order to participate?

It is highly encouraged to be present for each call. This reason is to maintain a solid group field, and also so you have the many benefits of an interactive environment.

However, if one week you absolutely cannot make it, all calls are recorded and sent via email.

Can I use Boundless with other modalities?

Definitely. Boundless is Boundless. It is meant to evolve and be expressed uniquely through each person and their individual gifts. Many practitioners such as intuitives, coaches, therapists, and healers can benefit from combining these techniques with their work.

How is Boundless different from other methods?

The super power of boundless, is that it allows you to uncover the deepest most buried core roots of issues. These imprints are commonly so guarded that they can feel impossible to identify let alone release! Boundless Method gives you the clarity of what lies underneath blockages, and also the tools to shift them easily. It is a reliable and systematic approach that can address just about any issue under the sun.

Will I be able to work with clients after?

Most definitely. This training will be a lot of information in a short period of time. You will have much that you can apply immediately with your clients. If you desire to continue your studies, and be mentored through working with your clients, there will be more discounted  opportunities for that afterward.

Past Students’ Experience

Receiving Boundless has radically transformed the way I live my life.

I am not exaggerating when I say I feel like it brought me alive. I had been living most of my life in a state of dissociation, just barely coping with the everyday aspects of being a human being. I was burnt out and in cycles of overwhelm and suffering. I felt like I didn’t belong in this world, how could I when basic existence left me feeling burnt out?! Boundless has allowed me to recover parts of myself I didn’t even know were MIA and bring them back home into my body. I feel grounded, two feet on the ground, and like I can finally function from a place of ease for the first time in my life. AND NOT TO MENTION, I am finally in touch with my purpose, my gifts, and bringing through more and more of my true self and essence every single day.

Boundless has given me my life, to fully live as a whole, fully online and integrated (ing?) human.

Finding Boundless was honestly like a Hallelujah moment. I had tingles all over as I realized this was it. This was the thing I had been searching for– and someone had already created it.

I immediately started receiving sessions and was confirmed over and over again as I watched things that had been plaguing me for my entire life find actual resolution within the span of one or two sessions.

I signed up for the facilitator training because this is the work my soul had been calling me towards. This is the foundation for everything I want to bring through. The foundation for my soul mission.

The biggest thing that this training has given me is confidence in my intuition and gifts.

I entered this training feeling inadequate in my capacity to hold people in the way I knew was possible, and I’m leaving it feeling like holding a session with confidence and creating actual transformation with my clients is my normal.

The added bonus is that I can also apply these methods to my own personal healing. This feels like a serious upgrade to my spiritual path, and how I live my life. I realized recently that I actually don’t suffer anymore. I feel pain, and things can be difficult, but I now have the tools to give myself exactly what I need in those moments and have broken the cycle of looping in patterns of suffering. I feel free, and like I can handle anything life brings me into, which may be the biggest gift ever in this time on Earth of enormous change and upheaval.

Naia has essentially created a method to tangibly begin working with the unseen and open your own direct channel to your soul’s deepest medicine.

This is a framework for beginning to access these gifts that we all inherently have, and can take you from in the dark to totally psychic with a bit of practice.

It was exactly what I needed.

I would recommend this training to anyone who has a desire to deeply know themselves. Those dedicated soul journeyers who desire to create radical change within themselves, and in this world.

I truly believe that this way of healing has the capacity to heal this world, to bring in Heaven on Earth and the higher frequency way of living that so many of us long for.

If you are a healer at heart and want to be a guide to others, or even just want to master your own unfolding and rediscover who you really are and why you came here, this is for you.”

Serena Gee
Certified Boundless facilitator and TA for the 2022 Training

Boundless gave me a map I didn’t realize I was looking for. . .

It has proved a priceless tool for navigating the depths of the psyche. I’ve been searching for a modality for 15 years. At age 15, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I knew I wanted to be a “counsellor”. I wanted the honor of sitting with people, hearing their stories and offering loving support and guidance in response. I had no interest in going to grad school because I knew the truths I wanted to reach with people would be outside the traditional therapeutic structure. I’ve lived and worked at retreat centers, hot springs, temples, intentional communities, festivals, summer camps, permaculture gardens, outdoor educational centers, ayahuasca centers, and metaphysical shops. I’ve explored dozens of spiritual healing and therapeutic modalities.

My soul led me to Boundless because Boundless encompasses that which is most important to me. We’re not here to fix anyone or give them the answers to their lives. We’re here to provide the guidance your body tells us is needed to allow for the release of what’s ready to go at the core of an issue. We’re not here to push, shame, or force. We’re here to give permission to the nervous system to let go of the tension at the deepest depths.

Coral Sandler

Boundless has helped me in more ways that my conscious mind is even aware of. . .

It’s helping me to own and discover my medicine and gifts. It’s clearing my system of blocks around my own personal power. It’s giving me the confidence to share my voice and own my visions that I have for humanity.

I feel Boundless is such a pivotal key in these epic times of change and evolution. I feel so many souls are ready to ascend into their true power but we’re all carrying around these subconscious minds that are so heavy with stuff we haven’t had the adequate tools to let go of…for good. I’ve known for a couple of years that energy psychology modalities are the healing modalities of the future – this is part of the reason I dropped out of my counselling studies. My intuition knew there was a better/faster way than going through these long processes with the conscious mind.

I feel like Boundless is reawakening codes and gifts within me that I’ve had activated in past lives but just needed the reminder of how powerful energy and intention is and how to use it in a very targeted and accurate way for the quickest benefits.

Emily Reid

The sisterhood reconnection with the women in this group is something that supported me and lit me up on so many levels.

Something I deeply craved and needed – and found through the training. There are a few sisters who resonate with me on a very, very deep level and now that this reconnection has been made, we will further dive deeper into resonance and activations. Grateful for that opportunity through the training.

The training also allowed me to tap deeper into the remembrance of my gifts, and unique genius in which I will now carry forward, allowed me to access and reclaim my power in which to follow my feminine wisdom deeper, with no compromise. It really brought a nice amount of additional tools to my own regeneration process, as well as to implement in my practice.

Nika Satori

I received more concrete tools for the places that therapy doesn’t necessarily have tools for,

Which is very much what I was wanting from the training. The main gift of the training for me though was the way it enabled a pretty profound process of working through doubt and blockages around being connected to my own intuitive knowing. This seems at the absolute heart of the medicine for me, regardless of whether I ever use another boundless technique in my life (spoiler: I definitely will). And in a deeper sense, I also didn’t really believe I could fully hear or trust the information I receive on non-linear channels or know how to work with it without getting overwhelmed. Receiving confirmation from such a seemingly “alternative” modality that what happens in the imaginal world, whether it’s IFS or somatic work or dreamwork or Gestalt or just joining my clients on a journey and trusting where it goes, is actually truly effective and real. Feeling free to give myself more permission to trust that and give that space in my “conventional” therapy sessions. Permission to trust the magic, essentially, which feels life-changing for my work (and I feel much more empowered). I’m so immensely grateful for that.

Tamuz Shiran

Boundless method was truly transformational for my life.

Before I had worked with different healers and psychologists but I felt like we’re getting to the problem… but it stayed on a superficial level, and the core root was still there. I love boundless because it brings you to the core of the problem, and transforms it to the root.

I noticed such a big shift in my life through working with Boundless and Naia over the past year so I was excited to learn it myself. We got so much information in the training and Naia held such a safe container, and the other women were amazing and so supportive throughout.

It’s allowed me to dive deep into my own world and emotions. I got from the training, a much deeper trust for myself, my body’s wisdom, and my higher-self. I know that I am always guided each moment at a time. It has helped me to truly trust this and allow this guidance to come through.

It was amazing to also learn to trust the clients’ process and to witness how they actually also guide their own sessions, as we are holding the space and guiding them to connect with their own inner truth. It’s really beautiful. It’s truly amazing.

Maria Paranich

With Boundless, you will have a reliable system that you can use to help others and yourself identify and heal imprints

I look forward to our Boundless journey of transformation…

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