Serena Gee

Boundless Practitioner - Coral Sandler

Hi I’m Serena.

I like to say that spirit is my full-time job, because I’ve spent the last 3 years in devotion to rediscovering and following the whispers of my soul.

This came after spending over a decade up to my eyeballs in personal development, spiritual expansion, and desperately seeking the right recipe to just figure this whole Earth thing out.

Then I found Boundless.

Through this work, I have been able to remember who I truly am. I’ve been able to cast off the feeling I’ve had since my first breath of not belonging here and wanting to go home (wherever that was), and most importantly, I’ve been able to remember why I chose to come here, in this time, right now.

You came here for a reason too and I believe the core of my practice is in guiding those highly sensitive souls who find spirit and the higher dimensions easy while struggling with the basics of being a human being and navigating in this world.

Our work will lay in clearing distortions, learning to protect and guard your energetic field, honouring your human and fully committing to being here on Earth, and bringing through your ORIGINal frequency, your unique song and ultimately returning to balance with all that is organic and natural and the pure essence of your soul.

If you are ready to reclaim your own unique power, embody your true essence, and stop looping in the suffering of being disconnected from your soul mission, I would be delighted to be your guide, wherever you are on the Earth plane.

Serena’s presence is ethereal. She has such a clear channel to the Divine, and it comes through not only in the words she uses but the energy she brings to each interaction. I’ve walked away from my interactions feeling so much lighter and full of love. Knowing that I am exactly where I need to be and feeling that I have someone who helps me see the Divine in myself. I cannot recommend her enough!
I absolutely felt that Serena attuned to my emotions and energetic body through her gentle approach to peeling back the layers of some of my contracts I made when I was a child. She intuitively knew when to push my edges and when to allow ample space for me to feel through my sensations. I appreciated the pace and guidance she provided for me to explore my body’s messages as well as offering suggestions and suggestions when I felt stuck in interpreting the messages coming from within.
Serena is amazing at facilitating. She has an incredible calm voice that guides you through the subconscious, to get to the pointant knots that need to be worked through and the hooks that need to be dissolved. I felt safe, understood and seen the entire time. Her showing up with such authenticity and genuine care, compassion and healing energy is such a gift to be able to experience.
Serena had an impeccable ability to sense things… sense the deepest layer of things. And ask the right questions.
Serena is an amazing facilitator! She guided the session perfectly and with such patience. I felt very safe and held while feeling some intense emotions. I felt as though she was very intune with what my needs were throughout the session, and how we could dig a little deeper, past the blocks and resistance that kept coming up to find resolve.

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Boundless Facilitator Training

Feb 16 – Oct 13 2021