Maria Paranich

Boundless Practitioner - Maria Paranich

Hi, I’m Maria

I’m originally from Russia, and have lived in Hawaii for the last 12  years.

My journey with Boundless started with working with Naia within the period of 9 month. I went through potent transformation uncovering some deeper layers that I couldn’t access during any other modalities. I became fascinated by the transformative yet gentle power of this method and when Naia offered her Teacher Training, I said yes without a doubt.

During the training I worked 5 months with Naia on a weekly basis unrevealing and bringing to alignment deep layers of my Soul.

Boundless brought for me transformation of deep layers, released codependent attachments that I had, helped me to reconnect with my intuition, deeper trust within myself, and I came so much more to my body than ever before.

In our sessions together I hold a loving, nurturing yet strong presence during the session, holding a high vibrational container for you diving deep. I will gently guide you to connect with your body and Higher self allowing the intelligence of your being to guide us. I see you as a powerful and sovereign being that holds an infinite wisdom within guiding us in every present moment.

I’m excited to share with you this amazing journey of your transformation!

I had some amazing sessions with Maria. Maria is able to create sacred and safe space easily and naturally. As a guide, she is very present and is right with me every step of the way. I have worked with Maria 4 times and each session has been very healing and integrating for me. After the session I felt a sense of clarity in my purpose. I think she is a multidimensional integration doula. I trained in hypnotherapy and past life regression with IAART over 10 years ago and worked with many facilitators in the past and appreciate that Maria never rush the session and always present with where I’m at at all times.

I have been going to therapy and have a strong spiritual practice. However, I felt like I could not shake off certain feelings that could not even identify. I felt that despite the good work I have been investing in myself, I still was not able to heal certain things. After the session I identify the emotions clearly and feel like I have released all of the related physical feelings relating to these feeling. Several dynamics in my life have changed dramatically. I felt absolutely safe, understood, met, and seen. I feel that Maria is a pure soul that has the best interest at heart.

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Boundless Facilitator Training

Feb 16 – Oct 13 2021