Katharina Bach

Boundless Practitioner - Coral Sandler

Katharina studied psychology, EMDR (Trauma therapy) and systemic family therapy. As a therapist, she predominantly works with women, guiding them to their inner wisdom, finding their authentic path and enabling them to speak their truth. Boundless enables her to offer her clients a more extended range of inner healing work, to find core roots of trauma and patterns and to discover with them how to be the creator of their life again.

For as long as Katharina could remember she wanted to know how and why she felt things. She increasingly became more curious in understanding emotions, relationships, the power of intuition and the meaning of life and death. Her interests and studies lead her to explore questions such as : how do you become more aligned with one’s purpose, one’s freedom or connected to one’s life mission? How to let love flow more into your daily life, without spending your day on a meditation pillow or tantric retreats? How to be real, authentic and feel it all without drowning or being stuck in a victim state? She has found and offers many of these tools in her integrative sessions.

Katharina lives in Belgium, Europe, she speaks German, French and English.

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