Emily Reid

Boundless Practitioner - Emily Reid

Emily is an old soul and warrior of love who is deeply devoted to the awakening of humanity to their innate divinity and infinite power.

She has been deeply initiated in this life through her own childhood trauma and separation from truth. After experimenting with countless holistic healing modalities over the course of a decade and receiving training in breathwork, transpersonal counselling, tantric bodywork and sacred women’s work, she found Boundless Method.

In her experience, Boundless created the deepest and most accelerated transformation, as it got to the core of the toxic pattern and released it for good.

Emily is excited to work with those who are ready for deep inner transformation, to truly let go of the past and to step into the greatest expression of themselves. Emily currently lives on the Gold Coast, Australia, but she works with clients worldwide.

My experience with Emily was pretty incredible. During several sessions I was blown away at how deep we went. Emily helped me identify and discover some things that we’re trapped in my subconscious that I wasn’t even aware of, and then she helped to release these blockages. Working with her was a pretty extraordinary experience that I’d highly recommend to anyone looking to remove deep energetic subconscious blocks and anyone who’s looking to uplevel to their highest potential!
Emily is such a natural healer and space holder. She is clear, observant and thorough. She has the ability to journey through that which can feel quite intense with immense grace and ease. She is right there with you maintaining a container of love, thoughtfulness and kindness. I highly recommend working with this woman!
Emily is a natural-born intuitive and facilitator for transformation. I really trust in her ability to weave her technical and intuitive skill in a genuine and pertinent flow. The session felt grounded and was soul-stirring. I left feeling lighter and more aware. Thank you beautiful Emily. I know you will truly help many people in their journey of self-awareness and growth.
If you want your life to REALLY change then Emily is the person to see! I have had about 6 sessions now with Emily and I have gone from ‘not wanting to get out of bed and face the day’ to ‘launching my own business + feeling excited about life!’ I cannot recommend her enough!!! Emily holds a very safe, non-judgemental, present + accepting space for your healing session. When I talked to counsellors it was lovely but we would only scratch the surface of the problem, with Emily there is no time-wasted, she takes you straight to the root of the problem and gives you the tools to release it/heal it and be free! It surpasses your conscious mind and goes straight to your subconscious. Amazing!
Emily is a beautiful heart centred soul. She is a woman who has walked the journey and peeled back the layers to reveal her innermost beauty and truth. When I met with Emily, I instantly felt safe. Her energy was calming and grounding. She guided me through a beautiful practice, teaching me about my body and ways I can connect deeper with myself. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone who is looking to go deep on their journey, who is ready to move out of their own way and move beyond their limiting beliefs.

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