Coral Sandler

Boundless Practitioner - Coral Sandler

Coral’s greatest passion in life is traveling to the depths of the psyche and connecting with the Soul.

From studying Positive Psychology in Denmark to diving deep into plant medicine work in Peru, she has dedicated herself for over 15 years to the discovery of effective healing modalities, worldwide.

Boundless is the method she was waiting to find and she’s so grateful for the profound places it brings her and her clients everyday. Coral lives in Boulder, CO but works with people all over the world who are ready to journey into their subconscious landscape and bring their unique narratives alive in order to address that which lies at the core.

Coral also focuses on vocal empowerment with select clients who want to weave singing into this work.

This is the future of therapy. I am truly honest when I say that I have never felt more resonance with a therapeutic practitioner before. Coral is incredibly educated and knowledgeable. She always manages to surprise me with her vast intellectual treasure trove of teachings about spiritual practices and systems, medicines, and deep understanding of human nature and relational dynamics.
I haven’t ever felt so heard and seen in the depths of my Soul as I felt in my first session with Coral. I felt understood. Space was given for me to find my own words to describe what I was feeling. [There was] a perfect balance between guidance, trust and freedom to find my way and tools through the journey of the session.
I had tried many modalities of healing over the years and working with Coral has helped me uncover more of what I needed to understand than any other practice I have experienced. So grateful for this Sister and her gentle wisdom and powerful gifts. Perhaps she is just what the Goddess ordered for you, as well.
Coral is a powerful medicine woman. Her depth of experience and personal embodiment is palpable. Our session yesterday was quite literally one of the most deep and powerful sessions I’ve had with a practitioner before. Coral creates a very safe and well held container that allows for very deep and previously very well hidden patterns to emerge. Coral’s own confidence and experience with navigating other astral realms and dimensions allowed her to journey with me through material which really blew my mind. Today I feel lighter and more at peace within myself than I have in a long, long time. I look forward to continuing to work with Coral. She is truly a gift.

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