There is a better way to heal.

Boundless Method helps us to release the shackles from our past, to embody our most fulfilled and empowered truth, create our dreams freely, and to make a larger positive impact.

Boundless is a core-healing method in the ground-breaking field of transpersonal and energy psychology.

It is a gentle yet efficient way to release sabotaging patterns, subconscious blocks, and limiting beliefs that prevent forward growth. This method, like none other, efficiently identifies the core root of blocks, and is able to access our higher capacity to heal instantly.

Boundless empowers us to begin again, to create from an empowered place, and to get more of what we want, and less of what we don’t. When we heal our past, we go beyond what was laid before us, and pave new pathways for our future.

Boundless helps us to Free ourselves from the past wounding and conditioning that no longer serve us, while renewing a sense of peace, freedom, confidence, and creative power.

About Boundless Method

Boundless Techniques Address and Transform:

  • Trauma.
  • Limiting Beliefs.
  • Emotional Triggers and Wounding.
  • Fear, Doubt, and Low Self Esteem.
  • Self Sabotage and Sabotaging Patterns.
  • Limiting Ancestral and Past life Patterns.
  • Cultural Conditioning.
  • Chords and other People’s Energy.
  • Blocks in the Chakras.
  • Integrating Parts, soul fragments and more.

Boundless Supports and Renews:

  • Positive Beliefs.
  • Self Love and Confidence.
  • Purpose and Inspired Creativity.
  • Experiencing more Joy and Levity.
  • Forgiveness of Self and Others.
  • Giving and Receiving Love.
  • Being Met in Relationship and Intimacy.
  • Aligning with a Compatible Partner.
  • Connecting with your Innate Wisdom and Intuition.
  • Accessing Your Capabilities, Talents, Intuition and Creativity, Psychic Abilities.
  • Chakra Clearing and Kundalini Awakening.

Who is Boundless For?

Those who are:

  • Committed to a path of healing, growth and empowerment.
  • Ready for cutting edge tools and support.
  • Courageous, ready to face their shadows to bring new light.
  • Experiencing blocks and sabotaging patterns.
  • Motivated by evolving consciousness, and being of service to the greater good.

How is Boundless different from other healing methods?

Boundless is a catalyst for accelerating human evolution by dissolving the cultural and subconscious patterns that have limited our evolution and birthright to thrive. By healing ourselves, we heal our lineage forward, and back.

What is the Subconscious Mind, and why is it Important?
We operate from 3 levels of consciousness: the conscious, subconscious and higher conscious. We can easily manifest what we want, when all 3 levels are in aligned with the same goal. Boundless addresses change on all of these levels, but primarily focuses on the one that holds most of our limiting patterns – the subconscious.
Our subconscious mind is beneath our level of conscious awareness, and holds our automatic programs for perception and behavior that include our beliefs, emotions, wounds, and memories. If our conscious mind was the desktop of the computer, what we see, the subconscious would be the software that runs everything in the background. We create our reality based on our subconscious beliefs and programs.

The latest studies show, that 95% of our behavior is sourced from the subconscious mind, rather that a conscious decision.

Most of our beliefs are imprinted before the age of 6, meaning many times we are operating from very old patterns and beliefs, that most likely are not even ours and instead belong to those who cared for us at a young age.

This information answers the question that many us have asked: “Why is this so hard?” “Why can’t I just get over this problem!?”. The reason is, our subconscious operates our automatic beliefs and behaviours, and is also much larger than our conscious mind. The subconscious mind processes around 5 billion bits of information per second, while our conscious minds only process about 5-9 bits.

If there are limiting beliefs in the subconscious, it will win over our conscious desire, due to its processing power, and strong instinctual drive to ensure safety. The main motivation of the subconscious is to generate automatic programs that ensure your safety and survival.

We are Here to Thrive, Not Just to Stay Safe.

Boundless Method takes this mystery out, as it identifies exactly what false programs are preventing you from having what you want and creating the life that you desire. It is then able to reverse these imprints by dissolving limitations at their root. It’s like hitting the delete button on faulty programs.

There is part of you that already knows how to heal.

When we identify the specific block in the subconscious, we can access the ability of your higher conscious to create the change instantly with simple effective commands. This is where the magic is; when all 3 levels of consciousness are aligned with what you desire, you are free to create from your empowered choice, rather than past wounding. Then, we truly become powerful creators of our reality.
About Naia
Naia is passionate about creating a better world through personal transformation, and empowered feminine leadership.

From being confronted at an early age with a lot of emotional and physical healing challenges, Naia has been on a long and powerful journey of overcoming anxiety, abuse, illness and other mental, physical, and emotional challenges. At the early age 21 she completed her Therapeutic Life Coaching certification, including mastering modalities such as NLP, Past Life Regression therapy. She still suffered from debilitating emotional wounds and amnesia, and set out to find the most efficient and cutting edge method that could provide the transformation she believed was possible.

In 2012 Naia was guided to live on Kauai to go deeper into her healing process and research, co–develop and co-write about an evolving new method now called “Boundless”. Boundless is a combination of the most effective methods from around the world that she and her colleague discovered, and then further evolved their efficacy.

Naia’s passion and proficiency in Boundless allowed her to heal her deepest blocks, and actively step more fully into her life’s purpose, fulfillment, creative gifts, and greater service to women. Her mission is to offer tools, and create sacred space for women to unite, heal, and empower one another to be all that they are, and to claim a new feminine leadership in the world.

Learn more about Naia and her work at

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I reached out to Naia after several of the hardest, most confusing months of my life.

After a series of calamities in my life, I was physically ill, heartbroken, depressed and hopeless, and saw no way out. The tools that I usually used to clarify and move me forward were not working. As someone who had been doing deep personal work since her teens, I just couldn’t believe I could feel this way again, and that life was being so relentless.

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I sometimes refer to Naia as “The Great Excavator” in my head, because as relentless as life was being, was as relentless as she was, to not just bring me back to equilibrium, but to usher me across the bridge of unknowing into my next, and better stage of life and relationship. Naia is meticulous in her approach to get to the bottom of your life’s frustrations. Her level of focus, contact and intuition was a lifeline for me in my most vulnerable moment.

It was not just one a-ha that made me get back on track and beyond, it was a series of life altering excavations that unwound the threads that were creating the dysfunctional patterns in my life. As these threads were found and loosened, my essence would burst forth, and reweave these threads into functional patterning in my life’s tapestry. Naia is a master of timeline re-organization, and I deeply learned the value of looking at life as these long threads that we must consciously weave, to live the destiny that calls us forward.

The heart of my work with Naia was the realization, on the deepest level of my human being, that I was functional. That word is very relevant to me, because I was trapped in dysfunctional patterns as an identity. As a result of our work, I re-identified with my pure, healthy essence, flowing through this wonderful body, and KNEW, that I deserved the best in all areas of my life.

I then naturally tossed out as many dysfunctional patterns as I could see across the board: My entire financial life was revamped and upgraded, my work streamlined and became manageable, and I started investing ( something that felt so out of my identity before). My income grew by 30% without me even thinking about it. I felt so worthy that whatever excuse I had before about all that just went out the window.

The same could be said about my relationship life. Through my work with her I was able to dismantle the subconscious “fantasy energy field” that had been created through multiple timelines in my life and in other lifetimes. The work of dismantling that energy has completely changed my relational intelligence, self esteem and attraction patterns. That field of energy had been running the romantic show my entire life, and I just could not overcome it no matter how much transformational work I did.

But with Naia’s method, it cleared, I finally was able to see it!!! I tangibly felt it dismantle and reweave. I can finally just see things as they are and it’s not a big deal. This has meant letting go of inappropriate suitors before any attachment because I am not running after a self-fulfilling prophecy of heartbreak anymore, trying to get those unmet childhood needs met. I am finally able to choose a partnership that is in line with the actual amount of wisdom I am, rather than this other wrecking ball of a love story I kept repeating.

The gold for me is that I can trust myself now. When the time comes for the next relationship, I can trust my decisions because I now have the foundational worth and courage to see things clearly.

My time with Naia also restored my hope and my energy so I could tackle my health and begin to heal.

Life became a joyful, unfolding creation once again.

I’m forever grateful, humbled and moved by Naia’s focus and dedication to my heart, my soul and my healing.”

Ecstatic Embodiment Guide,
Divine Feminine Mystery School Focalizer,
Author, Ordained 13 Moon Priestess

My Boundless experience and the beauty of breaking free…

Boundless is a healing technology that feels like a clear light of laser focused guidance that assisted me in peeling back layers of old emotional imprints, false stories, unconscious vows and strategies for survival that were blocking my life and keeping me stuck.

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Through conscious listening and her masterfully intuitive approach, Naia Leigh acted as a loving and safe midwife to usher me through a simple, yet deep and effective process that unraveled a life time of beliefs, patterns and subconscious programming that were blocking me from my greatest desires and dreams and compromising my ability to manifest a sacred partnership and my unique soul offering in sacred business.

After working with Naia and experiencing the sense of being “upgraded and updated” by her Boundless healing technology, it feels almost like a new operating system was installed! I notice my life changing rapidly on the outside as well. I am now in committed, loving relationship and creating a new business offering that is even more aligned with my unique soulful gifts and talents. I feel open and excited for this next chapter and grateful to be perceiving life without layers of old illusory beliefs, fears and unconscious imprinting covering up its beauty and magnificence.”

Ecstatic Embodiment Guide,
Divine Feminine Mystery School Focalizer,
Author, Ordained 13 Moon Priestess

I find my Boundless sessions with Naia to be insightful,

transformative and incredibly helpful in getting to the root cause of what is creating a hard to let-go of thought pattern or behavior that is no longer serving my highest good. It is such a gift to be able to sit with Naia and excavate one’s challenges in order to be brought through a process of change and regeneration for the better! I feel full-bodied shifts happen within my session and afterwards, shifts that begin in the mind and clear throughout the body and then ripple outward into my daily life and community experience.

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I have had the honor to work with Naia multiple times and revealed in how every session is unique–uncovering a new layer and revealing more of my core truth and strength within. I feel a renewed sense of Freedom and spaciousness through this work and would whole-heartedly recommend this wonderful mode of healing with Naia as on-going practice or powerful one time experience! Thank you so much for all you have helped me with, especially in the realms of shining the light that I truly am!”

Musician, Director of Programs and
Events at Impact Hub Builder

The impact Boundless has had on my life is absolutely priceless.

After over a decade of personal transformation work, it was Naia Leigh who guided me with an exquisite understanding of simple blocks and old beliefs in my shadow field, which we integrated and cleared opening channels to my prosperity and advanced levels of co creative synchronicity. I left the Boundless Woman Mentorship Program with confidence to trust my womb on birthing my next level offering of business and sacred service, from a gentle, and powerful woman-centred model of creativity and abundance.”

Womb Whisperer

Naia’s profound dedication and determination to self and

global transformation is inspiring beyond imagination. Her ability pierce through veils of illusion and call out the truth is fierce and always on point. Naia’s has an incredible talent to see correlations between health issues to belief systems, core wounds, and past lives. Boundless provokes immediate change and radial self-awareness. I would recommend Boundless to anyone serious for deep revolutionary change.”

Transpersonal Phycologist and Research Scientist

Get your feet wet with 3 remote Boundless sessions to clear core blockages

Deepen your results by embarking on a 3, 6, or 9 month transformational journey. Gain clarity on your visions, clear core roots of blockages, receive higher guidance, and consistent accountability to your highest self.
Find a Boundless Practitioner
These practitioners have been certified through the Boundless Practitioner Training.
Visit their website to enquire about working with them.

Maria Paranich
Boundless Practitioner - Maria Paranich
Hi, I’m Maria

I’m originally from Russia, and have lived in Hawaii for the last 12 years.

My journey with Boundless started with working with Naia within the period of 9 month. I went through potent transformation uncovering some deeper layers that I couldn’t access during any other modalities. I became fascinated by the transformative yet gentle power of this method and when Naia offered her Teacher Training, I said yes without a doubt…

Coral Sandler
Boundless Practitioner - Coral Sandler
Coral’s greatest passion in life is traveling to the depths of the psyche and connecting with the Soul. From studying Positive Psychology in Denmark to diving deep into plant medicine work in Peru, she has dedicated herself for over 15 years to the discovery of effective healing modalities, worldwide.

Boundless is the method she was waiting to find and she’s so grateful for the profound places it brings her and her clients everyday. Coral lives in Boulder, CO but works with people all over the world who are ready to journey into their subconscious…

Emily Reid
Boundless Practitioner - Emily Reid

Emily is an old soul and warrior of love who is deeply devoted to the awakening of humanity to their innate divinity and infinite power.

She has been deeply initiated in this life through her own childhood trauma and separation from truth. After experimenting with countless holistic healing modalities over the course of a decade and receiving training in breathwork, transpersonal counselling, tantric bodywork and sacred women’s work, she found Boundless Method…

Serena Gee
Boundless Practitioner - Emily Reid

Hi I’m Serena.

I like to say that spirit is my full-time job, because I’ve spent the last 3 years in devotion to rediscovering and following the whispers of my soul.

This came after spending over a decade up to my eyeballs in personal development, spiritual expansion, and desperately seeking the right recipe to just figure this whole…

Katharina Bach
Boundless Practitioner - Emily Reid

Katharina studied psychology, EMDR (Trauma therapy) and systemic family therapy. As a therapist, she predominantly works with women, guiding them to their inner wisdom, finding their authentic path and enabling them to speak their truth. Boundless enables her to offer her clients a more extended range of inner healing work, to find core roots of trauma and patterns and to discover with them how to be the creator of their life again.

Boundless Training

Boundless Facilitator Training 

January 2022 – June 2022

Become a Boundless Method Practitioner and use Boundless to heal yourself and to accelerate healing processes for others. Utilise Boundless to empower yourself and others to embody authentic power, innate wisdom, and sacred gifts. This method can be used by itself, or added to your current practice to enhance your results.

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